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MUSEY is a contemporary artist and designer creating conceptually provoking works of varied styles and mediums. The studied and refined aesthetics present in the works of Musey embody the imaginative, playful, and super conscious nature of their creator. An eclectic collection of perspectives, interests, questions, and symbolics are the result of an expanding body of work.



The hyperbolic nature of Musaic symbology is most readily perceived as an act of implicit artification. Or more simply, a transmutation of conceptualizations into creative symbolic propagation.


In relation, the application of systemic evaluation and conditional examination provide essential foundations for these relevant aesthetic contemplations; affectively resonating through disassociated inclinations.


As such, these amalgamated expressions of dispositional variation may retain a convergent dissemination, given their cumulative possession of subversive conscious implications.


Furthermore, the convoluted postulations arising from these esoteric juxtapositions are the intentional manifestations of obsessively scrutinized cognitive revelations.

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